Recovery Dharma Berlin

Resources for Recovery

The Recovery Dharma community has created a number of materials for reading, for guided meditations, and for running structured meetings. All of these materials are available for free.

The Recovery Dharma Book

An important resource in and out of our meetings is the Recovery Dharma book, which was written in a community effort by the US-based It offers a guide to using Buddhist principles and practices in the recovery from addiction. The book is in English and is used for readings in many Recovery Dharma meetings around the world.

Download the book for free

The book is published under a Creative Commons BY-SA license and is therefore available as a free download in various formats.

Get a printed copy

If you are located in the EU, you can also order a printed copy of the book on Amazon Germany.

Further materials

If you’re looking for guided meditations, want to set up your own meeting, or simply have a glance at other available materials, the global Sangha on offers texts and audio recordings, a glossary of terms, materials for starting your own group, and more.

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