Recovery Dharma Berlin

About Recovery Dharma Berlin

Recovery Dharma Berlin is a local, self-organizing group of wise friends that meet regularly online and offline in order to support each other on their path of recovery from the suffering of addiction. Our efforts that require financing, like this online presence or the rent for the rooms we meet in, are paid for solely from the donations we receive.

Our local Berlin group came together inspired by recoverydharma.org, and we are using many of the materials (the book, meeting templates, meditations) they provide. We are, however, not formally a part of it in any organizational or hierarchical sense.

Our offline meetings are taking place in Berlin, but everybody from everywhere in the world is welcome to join our online meetings.

German speaking Recovery Dharma Sanghas

If you are part of a German speaking Recovery Dharma Sangha or are interested in setting one up, please reach out to us via our contact form! We would like to know of other Sanghas in Germany, and we are happy to support you with our experience in establishing a group!

The Recovery Dharma Philosophy

We believe that Recovery Dharma as a peer-led, grass-roots, democratically-structured organization should focus on providing resources to local Sanghas who wish to use Buddhist practices and principles for recovery. We believe that each of us must determine our path and practice for ourselves with the support of both local and global communities. There are many texts and teachers in the Buddhist tradition, and many opportunities to learn. Recovery Dharma is based on the idea of choice: that groups and individuals within those groups should be encouraged to explore, to learn, and to understand, following their own path and their own needs. We accept and honor the fact that there are many possible roads to the wise understanding and effort that are part of this practice. We are here to support that exploration, not to limit it. The ideals, aims, and structure of this organization will be decided by the community itself.

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